Graduate Student Contest - call for applications                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Best PhD Thesis Project of the Year in Computational Game Theory
awarded by The Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Sponsor: John Templeton Foundation

Deadline for submitting PhD theses summaries:    October 15, 2011,
                for submitting full-length PhD theses of the selected applicants:  November 15, 2011.

Applicants: Intended applicants are PhD students in the field of Computational Game Theory.
PhD students in the final stage of their Thesis or who have recently defended their thesis (2011)
are eligible.

Key topics and themes:
Nature inspired search and optimization techniques in CGT,
Multiagent systems in CGT,

Decision making using AI in CGT.

The goal of this contest is to encourage fresh PhDs to build a scientific carrier in Romania.

Hopefully, this contest will spot the most insightful and original recent work in Computational Game Theory.
Healthy competition between PhD students and the emergence of new, bold, ideas is encouraged.

Monetary amount:
                                1st prize - 1000 EUR,
                                2nd prize - 700 EUR,
                                3rd prize - 500 EUR.

Please submit your applications at
Call for applications:     August 3, 2011
Applications due:
Thesis summary October 15, 2011
Full-length thesis November 15, 2011
Prize announcement: December, 15, 2011
      Romanian Institute of Science and Technology
      Centre for the Study of Complexity from Babes-Bolyai University
      Adaptive Systems Laboratory from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


It gives us great pleasure to announce the prize winners of the contest 'Best PhD Thesis Project of the Year in Computational Game Theory' organized by the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology.               

The prize winners are:

1st Prize: Noemi Gasko

Centre for the Study of Complexity, Cluj-Napoca

“Computational Intelligence Models in Solving Games”, completed at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, thesis summary


2nd Prize: Tudor Mihoc
Babes-Bolyai University

“Detecting Equilibria in Game Theory – Evolutionary Approach”, completed at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, thesis summary


3rd Prize: Scott Kominers
Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, University of Chicago

“Matching Models of Markets”, completed at Harvard University, thesis summary


Congratulations !

We were impressed by the interest that our contest raised and by the innovative approaches in the received theses. We greatly appreciate the work of all 15 applicants and we feel privileged for getting to know about it.


The main criteria in analyzing the Theses were: computational flavour, new concepts, impact, potential, opening new lines of inquiry, interdisciplinary openness, real-world applications, research continuation in Romania.

Members of the Jury :

Prof. Daniela Zaharie, West University of Timisoara
Prof. Dumitru Dumitrescu, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Asist. Prof. Catalin Stoean, University of Craiova.